Irondale Recycling FAQs

When is my recycling collected?  Regardless which day(s) your garbage is picked up, blue recycling bins will be collected every Wednesday. City ordinance requires all trash be at the street by 6:30 AM, and that applies to recycling. Not all trash is picked up at exactly 6:30, but putting it out later runs the risk of being too late. The routes and timing can change occasionally, and they cannot send the truck back out to your house once it's been by.  Also, be sure your bin is at the curb and clearly visible!

Did I just see my recycling dumped into a garbage truck?  Never fear, your recycling was collected for the proper purpose.  Recycling is also picked up by garbage trucks.

Do I need to sort my recycled items?  No. Make sure you read what can be recycled in Irondale here.  And large boxes should be broken down and stacked under your blue bin.

What if I have too much to fit in my recycle bin? You can put recyclables in regular trash bags, but make sure it is on top of or next to your blue bin, and it is clearly separated away from your trash can.

What do I recycle?  Generally, most plastics, steel and aluminum cans, and many kinds of (but not all) paper.  You'll find a list on the City's Web site here.  The Web site also provides other locations to take recyclables such as glass, appliances, and electronics.

Is recycling here to stay in Irondale? The recycling project actually costs the City money.  In order to be cost effective (and "stay" in Irondale), we need approximately one-third of our residents to recycle. So spread the word and recycle, Irondale!

If you have additional questions, call the Irondale Public Works Department at (205) 951-1420.

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